CLAIRE’S Birthday Party

Time to let your little one shop like a princess.  Let’s have a Claire’s birthday party!

Send out purse shaped invitations to your guests, getting them ready for their shopping experience. The birthday girl and her honored guests participate in a scavenger hunt throughout the store.  They are then treated to beauty makeovers.  Let them finish up the event by freely shopping with their Claire’s gift card and coupon!

When the guests arrive at the store, pass out their gift bags.  These will also serve as a place for them to put all their finds.  Pass out sheets of paper with the scavenger hunt clues.  Explain the rules to everyone, and let the game begin!  Once they have completed the scavenger hunt, have an adult double check to make sure they have collected the correct items.  Now, head over to the station set up to have their makeup done and nails painted.  They can even have some of the items from the game used to give them a mini makeover!  Finally, have the girls take a peek in the bottom of their gift bags to find their gift cards and Claire’s coupons.  They can now finish off their experience by purchasing items of their choice!  The birthday girl will receive a birthday party certificate from the store. Don’t forget to end the party with a group photo!

We finished the birthday celebration by going to a nearby restaurant in the mall to open gifts, and eat pizza and cake.  Check with your local Claire’s, as the various locations have different birthday party policies and activities they plan with the guests.

The “Top Secret” Tips

Invitations –  purchase construction paper, colorful scrapbooking paper, ribbon, puffy paint, and initial stickers from your local craft store.  Create a tri-fold purse invitation to send to your guests, with the initial of each guest’s first name appearing on the front.

Scavenger Hunt Items – talk to your store manager about sales and specials, so you can buy your items in advance.  Tie a ribbon on each item, so the guests are not confused as to which item in the specified category they are to take.

Scavenger Hunt Clues – write out fun rhyming clues for your guests to read.  Make sure you mix up the order of the clues, so the guests are not following one-another from station to station.

Gift Bags – a great gift bag is a reusable shopping bag sold at most stores. I purchased Hello Kitty bags from the dollar section at Target.

33 thoughts on “CLAIRE’S Birthday Party”

    1. To have the party in the store is actually FREE. You basically spend however much you want, depending on the activities you would like to do in the store and with what merchandise you would like to purchase for the guests. I bought certain things for the girls at the party. I also got them each a gift card, so they could shop on their own.

      1. Hi. what kind of rhymes did you use for the finding the items for the scavenger hunt? ?? i can not think of anything??

        1. Hello!

          All of the rhymes revolved around the objects to be found and what you do with them or how you wear them. For example, one of the items was a butterfly headband. The clue was, “I remind you of summer, as I fly up in the sky, but you can wear me all year long, on top of your head high!”

          Good Luck!

          – Mary

      2. I think having a birthday party at Claire’s is good because there’s no boys and girls can have free time without the boys all over them

    1. I bought $5 giftcards for each guest and the items for the search were previously purchased when Claire’s had their 10 for $10 clearance sale.

  1. Can I do that in the UK too? I would love to do one of these, but I do not know if I can do that in the UK… Please help!!

  2. I wish i could have one of these the only claire’s where i live is in the mall and that one isn’t all that good they are closing them all down.My daughter loves that store.

  3. Hello, thanks Ursula (worker at Claire’s shop in Athlone) for organising a wonderful party for my daughter. She was very happy and had a brilliant time.

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